About Bramson ORT College

Bramson ORT College is a technical college in the Metropolitan New York area of the United States. Bramson ORT was established in 1942 to serve refugees and immigrants during World War II. It became a College in 1977 to provide quality technical post-secondary education and to meet the educational and career needs of the New York community.

Bramson ORT College is dedicated to providing each student with a college level education. Upon successful completion of a program, the student can seek a challenging employment opportunity in an established and/or emerging field of business, technology or health service. Many of the Liberal Arts courses at the College are designed to foster a mutual understanding and relationship between culture and American society.

Bramson ORT College's goals are to:

  • Present students with an opportunity to achieve a quality education in a technical, business, or health service program of their choice.
  • Prepare students for employment opportunities and equip them with the skills and knowledge required for career advancement.
  • Provide students with the human relations skills and work habits necessary to function successfully in both their professional and personal lives.
  • Integrate Liberal Arts courses that foster a life-long interest in professional and humanistic learning into the program of study.
  • Offer courses within the program of study that highlight history, politics, society, literature, philosophy, culture and tradition.
  • Offer technical, business and health service programs that enable historically under-served populations, such as the educationally and the economically disadvantaged, to reach their educational and career objectives.