Mission, Vision, and Values

Bramson ORT College is dedicated to enhancing students' lives through a college level education in a supportive environment. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for challenging employment opportunities, higher education, and to make positive contributions to society. The college embraces and strives to foster in its community cultural and social diversity, critical thinking, and civic engagement.

Bramson ORT College provides a student-centered higher education in a unique multicultural community that prepares students to develop and achieve their personal, educational, and career potentials.

Bramson ORT College affirms the following principles, values, and beliefs:

  • Student Focus: We value and respect all students as unique individuals. We assist students in realizing their educational goals by creating a dynamic learning environment and providing continuous individualized attention.
  • Access: We seek to provide access to our programs and services to all of our students regardless of their financial, academic, educational or physical challenges.
  • Respect: We appreciate individual differences and diverse opinions and work together to create a mutually supportive environment. We treat each other with dignity and appreciate individual contributions regardless of position within the college.
  • Institutional Integrity: We embrace honesty and base our decision-making on a combination of high ethical standards and practical considerations.
  • Quality Instruction: We seek to prepare students for an ever-rapidly changing world by providing them with technology-driven instruction in their fields and a solid foundation in writing, critical thinking, quantitative skills, and research.