General Course Descriptions

*Course Information is subject to change. The latest information will always be provided in our College Catalog.

JP100: Career Planning - CREDIT: 1

This course provides a career assessment. Consideration is giving to planning and implementing a quality life, career, and entry or re-entry into the job market. It prepares students for developing and implementing a professional career/job search through the introduction of applicable tools and creating an understanding of the resources available to them.

IL100: Information Literacy - CREDITS: 2

This course provides an introduction to information and its sources. It follows the five standards of information literacy established by the ALA’s Association of College and Research Libraries. Students learn how to determine the extent of information they need and how to access, evaluate and incorporate the information for a specific purpose. They will also learn how to use it legally and ethically. The course covers academic library resources and their use for research projects. It uses a mixture of lecture and reading assignments, in-class discussions, examinations, and competency-based lab assignments. An integral part of the course is the application of the learned skills to complete a research project.