Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based learning environment that enables educators to enhance on-campus learning and/or deliver distance learning by bringing their course materials, class discussions, assignments, and assessments (tests or quizzes) to the Web.

What technological requirements/abilities do I need to log in and use Blackboard?

Please see the Technology Checklist for a list of technical requirements. To be able to fully participate in an online course, you must have reliable Internet access. You must have basic computer knowledge such as word processing skills and experience using the Internet and web browser software. If you have no experience using the Internet or a computer, it is recommended that you obtain computer skills training before participating in an online course.

How do I log into Blackboard?

The URL for Blackboard is (Please NOTE: no www in this address!) Click Login. To access the web portion of your course, you need a username and password. The username is your first initial and your last name (e.g. jdoe for  John Doe). Your password for Blackboard is the last four numbers of your social security number. The same login information is used for accessing your College email account at

What if I can't log into Blackboard?

If you cannot log into Blackboard, contact Mr. Damindra Persaud at 718-261-5800 ext. 105 or via email at Before you do this, please keep in mind that you must currently be a registered student to access Blackboard.

What if I do not see the courses I registered for?

Not every course uses Blackboard. You may be registered for four classes, and only two may use Blackboard, so you will only see those two when you log in.

What can I do if I need access to my class right away?

If you can log into Blackboard, but do not see a course, your instructor can add you to his or her course roster on Blackboard. If you are a new student, it may take time for your user account to be created on Blackboard. If you registered late for a Blackboard course, conact Mr. Damindra Persaud at 718-261-5800 ext. 105 or via email at

If you have questions, you may contact:

Damindra Persaud on 718-261-5800 ext. 1050 or via email at