Veteran Services


Bramson ORT College supports students who are called away to duty during their college career. The college's Registrar is the initial point of contact for a military-related interruption of attendance. Students may also seek the help of the veteran's affairs representative on their campus. For more information, visit:


A student who is called to active duty in the armed forces of the United States after having attended regularly for 13 or more weeks or having completed 85 percent of the term's work through acceleration may be given full credit for each course in which he or she has a grade of C or better.


Students called to active duty or drafted who do not meet attendance requirements sufficient to earn a grade are entitled to a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees, except application fees.

Re-admission Fee

Upon return from military service, a student will not be charged a re-admission fee to register at the college.

Special Continuing Problems

If students are unable to resolve their issues at their home campus, they may contact Bramson ORT College's Office of Veteran Affairs at 718-261-5800 ext. 1033.