Accuplacer Test

All non ATB (Ability to Benefit) students entering Bramson ORT College are required to take our proficiency assessment examination for course placement purposes in English and Mathematics.

Unlike other tests, there is no "passing" score on the proficiency assessment examination. It's more of a diagnostic tool which helps Bramson ORT College identify students' strengths and weaknesses, find the right program for them, and identify areas they need help in. Our students generally don't take the exam until after they've been interviewed by an Admissions Advisor and complete an application for enrollment.

ACCUPLACER Test - Reading, Writing, and Numerical Reasoning

There are many resources that you can use to begin the testing preparation process. Download a step-by-step study guide by clicking here and following the topics listed in the three sections below.

The Reading & Writing sections Consists of: (For a practice test on each subject click the related topic below)

The Numerical Reasoning section Consists of: (For a practice test on each subject click the related topic below)

Students are given 25 minutes to complete each section, for a total of 75 minutes. The reading section has 24 questions on reading skills and comprehension:, writing has 36 questions testing style, grammar, punctuation, etc.; and numerical skills consists of 32 questions on basic mathematics, such as decimals and fractions, and pre-algebra concepts like prime numbers. Students will also complete an essay in 25 minutes.

All questions are multiple choice. The tests are taken with pencil and paper. Students are not permitted to use any type of calculator. If you're taking the ACCUPLACER Test, you should study and prepare for it as it can help you find the right fit in your college program and schedule, and possibly enable you to skip some basic classes. Don't be too anxious over it. You cannot "fail" and the more relaxed you are, the better you should do on the test.

A Bramson ORT Admissions Advisor will provide information about the Pograms of Study and the career opportunities available to Bramson ORT Graduates.

ACCUPLACER Test: (Ability to Benefit) Exam

ACCUPLACER Test is one of the Ability to Benefit Tests approved by Department of Education for use in testing Ability to Benefit (ATB) students. The test contains three of Basic Skills measures Writing Skills, Reading and Numerical Skills.

The ACCUPLACER Test Writing Skills Test is a 36 item, 25 minute test that measures the students understanding of appropriate usage in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing strategy and writing style.

The ACCUPLACER Test Reading Skills Test is a 24 item, 25 minute test. It contains of three prose passages of about 375 words each. Each passage is accompanied by a set of the eight multiple choice test items. The test measures ability to find specific information in the text and to make logical inferences that extend beyond the text information.

The ACCUPLACER Test Numerical Skills Test is a 32 item, 25 minute test designed to basic numerical skills on the performance of operations with whole numbers, decimals, and solving skills.

All ATB students must achieve or exceed these minimum scores on each test and they must pass all three tests at one administration.

Tips for Taking the ACCUPLACER Test Exams

  • You will be able to concentrate better on the test if you get plenty of rest and eat properly before the test. You should also arrive five minutes early.
  • Be sure you understand the directions for each test before the test session begins.
  • Pace yourself. You have 2 minutes to answer all questions on each section of the test.
  • Answer the easier questions first and skip over the more difficult ones, marking the appropriate item numbers on the answer sheet so you can come back later. Do not make any marks in the test booklet.
  • Read each question carefully until you understand what the question is asking.
  • Be sure to answer every item. You are not penalized for guessing.
  • If time is available, go back and check your work on the test after you have answered all items.
  • For more information on the ACCUPLACER Test Exams contact our admissions office at: