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By choosing Bramson ORT College, not only will you receive a quality education, but you will receive an education that will provides you with the skills that will secure your future. Bramson ORT College students are taught by teams of industry-skilled professors in growth areas of study where there are jobs and career opportunities. The Career Services Office actively assists students in finding jobs in their career fields.

Admissions Requirements

The college admits students with a high school diploma or an equivalency diploma who seek challenging careers in Accounting, Business Management, Computer Technology, Electronics Technology, Medical & Natural Sciences, Office Technology, and Paralegal. In order to be eligible for admission to Bramson ORT College, a student must be a high school graduate or equivalent, or demonstrate the ability to benefit from a college education as defined under federal regulations.

How to Apply

A student must submit a completed application form to the Admissions Office, along with a copy of their official high school or equivalency diploma. Students who have completed their education outside of the United States must provide copies of their high school diplomas translated and notarized in English. Students who do not have copies of their educational credentials must apply as an Ability to Benefit student. Transfer students must arrange to have an official transcript documenting all the previous course work. Admission to the College is granted only for the semester of acceptance. If a student does not register for the semester of acceptance, he or she must file for reactivation of the application before registering for subsequent semesters. Each applicant is encouraged to visit the College for a personal interview.

A Bramson ORT Admissions Advisor will provide information about the programs of study and the career opportunities available to Bramson ORT Graduates. All entering students are required to take the English and Math Assessment exam. Applicants are notified of their status for admissions by the Admissions Office.

To discuss enrollment at Bramson ORT College, please contact Admissions and we will be more than happy to assist you. You may email Admissions at

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