Transfer Students

Transfer Credit Information

A transfer student is a student who has previously attended another degree granting post-secondary institution. It is the transfer student's responsibility to arrange for the College Registrar to receive an official transcript of the student's previous college record. This official college transcript is to be sent to Bramson ORT College within thirty days from the submission of the Admissions Application. Failure to list on the Bramson ORT College Admissions Application all previously attended institutions of higher learning may be considered a cause for disciplinary action.

Recognition of credit earned at other degree granting institutions is given only for courses taken at institutions that are accredited by one of the regional accrediting commissions or as specified in CEO 90-16 and CEO 95-14 of the Deputy Commissioner for Higher Education and the Professions, and which meet the College's criteria for transfer credits.

Official review of transfer credit requires that the following documents be provided:

1. An official copy of the student's college transcript
2. An official course description (e.g. college catalog)

At the time of registration, transfer students should present a transcript of all courses completed at another degree granting post-secondary institution. During the registration process, transfer students may receive a preliminary evaluation from the Registrar that shows whether a course taken at another degree granting post-secondary institution meets the criteria for transfer. The credits assigned may be used in determining the student's course registration and financial aid.

A course appropriate for transfer credit is one which is equivalent in content and credits to a Bramson ORT course, or which might logically be a part of the Bramson ORT program in which the student is enrolled. Transfer course credit will be considered for the satisfactory completion of work with a grade of C or better from another degree-granting post-secondary institution. If the course is a required major course, it must have been completed within the five year period preceding the granting of transfer credit. All courses will be reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Academic Services to determine transfer eligibility.