At Bramson ORT College, we believe that paying for college should never be a reason why students are unable to get the education they deserve. We encourage you to visit the Office of Financial Aid at any one of our locations or call the office at 718-261-5800 ext. 1030 for an appointment with a financial aid counselor for more information about the best way to finance your education. If you've chosen Bramson ORT College because we meet your educational objectives, we are prepared to work with you to find ways to help you meet your college expenses. Our goal is to never let money get in the way of attending Bramson ORT! Here you will find information about a combination of academic scholarships, need-based grants, loans, and jobs that can help get you started.

You are urged to read our Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid for more information. Please contact the Bramson ORT College Financial Aid Office at 718-261-5800 ext. 1030 or via email at if you have any questions about financial aid and scholarships. The office can also provide you with all of the forms that you need to complete to apply for financial assistance.

How To Apply For Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid at Bramson ORT College, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) either via the web at or by paper. The Federal school code is 014662.

New York State residents will receive an Electronic TAP Application (ETA) directly from Higher Education Services based upon your filing the FASFA. Complete the ETA and return it to Higher Education Services to complete the TAP application process. The Bramson ORT College TAP code is 0055 for undergraduates. You can estimate your TAP award by using the TAP Estimator at

Once you have mailed your application to HESC, you will receive an award letter. In the meantime, you can check your application status at

After the completed FAFSA is mailed to the Dept. of Education, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR).
Bramson ORT College will also receive a copy of the SAR that we will use to determine your award eligibility.

Bramson ORT College financial aid office offers the following financial aid:
(To those who are qualified)

  • These different types of financial aid are bundled together to form your financial aid award package.

    Important Notice:

    You must file and complete processing for all financial aid, grants, and loans no later than two weeks before the beginning of a term.

    Full payment of your tuition is due two weeks before the beginning of each semester.

    Bramson ORT College will contact you regarding the completion of your financial aid forms, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you have submitted the required forms.