Alumni Services

"Educated, committed, and caring alumni provide a core of leadership needed to face the problems of today and the needs of the future." -Gary H. Quehl

Upon your graduation, you automatically become an alumni of Bramson ORT College.

Bramson ORT College is proud of those of our graduates who have chosen to become active members of the Alumni Association. Through the association, these graduates help the college fulfill its goals, strengthen the links between the College and its former students, and help alumni connect with each other.

We always hope that as our graduates complete their studies and go forth into the world, that they will remember their fellow alumni and their association with Bramson ORT.

Please explore the Bramson ORT College web page as well as the Alumni Affairs links to see all the exciting things happening at your alma mater.

Alumni Benefits


Each student has access to an up-to-date collection of books, information resources, and library online access through the Bramson ORT College website and materials with special emphasis on the support of the curricula. A key part of the college library is its modern computer laboratory and resource center, with ISDN Internet access.

The Library offers a book collection of over 24,000 volumes. The library also maintains a collection of over 200 magazines and newspapers. The non-print media collection includes videotapes, computer software, and cassette tapes. The library collection also includes: ancillary teaching materials, textbooks, course readings, career information, study aids, research material, pamphlets, and government documents.

The library staff arranges for students to obtain system-wide library cards for the New York City Public Libraries and also provides access to local college libraries and the member libraries of METRO (New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency System). The library is also a member of ALA (American Library Association), which provides the College with up-to-date information.


In order to assist students in understanding today's complex career choices, our Career Services Office provides a variety of career development and placement services. The objective of these services is to prepare students during their college career to effectively compete in the job market and to provide career related advisement and job opportunities. The following services are offered:

  • CAREER ADVISORS: Job Placement Advisors help the student clarify his/her career goals through assessment of interests, skills, and experience. Advisors assist students with resume preparation, mock interviews and job search strategies through individual advisement and workshops.

  • JOB FAIRS, CAREER PANELS AND SEMINARS: During the academic year, successful alumni, other professionals and members of the Bramson ORT College Business and Industry Advisory Council visit the College to discuss career opportunities in a wide range of professional fields. Panelists discuss their own work and job experiences and offer suggestions in preparation for the competitive job market.

  • JOB POSTINGS: Listings of full-time, part-time and summer positions from entry-level to experienced job seeker are posted in the Office of Job Placement Services.

  • THE CAREER RESOURCE CENTER: Materials with general career information, reference books, directories, company literature, periodicals, videotapes and employment guides are accessible for students and alumni in the Library and Career Services Office. Students may access the Internet at workstations in the Library and in open laboratories throughout the College.

  • JOB PREPARATION WORKSHOPS: Workshops are held each semester to assist students with resume preparation, interview, and job-seeking skills.

  • INTERNSHIPS: After completing 30 credits within their major area of study, students are encouraged to register for internships.

  • PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Students are encouraged to visit the Career Services Office to discuss their career plans as well as current job needs. A database of employers is maintained and updated regularly. Job Placement Services provides placement assistance services, forwards resumes at the request of the student/alumnus, and assists the student in developing self-motivated job search strategies.

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