At Bramson ORT College, our focus is you! Our aim is to educate and prepare students with practical hands-on training. Student support programs and services are offered to help students achieve the goals that are essential to their educational, career and personal development.

Bramson ORT College is proud of our graduates who have chosen to become active members of the Alumni Association. Through the association, these graduates help the college fulfill its goals, strengthen the links between the College and its former students and help alumni connect with each other.

Please explore the Bramson ORT College web page as well as the Alumni Affairs links to see all the exciting things happening at your alma mater.

Internship Program

The Bramson ORT College Internship Program provides students with an opportunity to apply practical experience to their programs of study. The level and content of the students' work/study learning experience is comparable to the classroom experience at the college. Students are placed in work environments in business and industry throughout the metropolitan area. Placement in an internship is based on a student's program and the availability of appropriate internships.

Visit and join the Bramson ORT College Game Design Forum for the latest Internship and Job Opportunity Listings in the field.


Bramson ORT College is looking to reward its finest applicants for a special Scholarship honoring the Academic achievements of our incoming students. We are currently offering a select number of academic scholarships to those students who have performed well over the last semester. We are also providing a select number of scholarship based upon economic hardship.

If you would like more information about scholarships, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at 718-261-5800 ext. 1030.